Twin Wedge


This is our Twin Wedge,

Photo is showing a custom 32ft x 6ft, fully lined and insulated with safety porch,

This Building built from 16ft x 4ft to 20ft x 6ft as standard,

They are 6ft in height at the rear and 6ft 10inch at front, giving good stand height, this also give you the room for cat platforms ( shelving) to be fitted, 


Access is gained thru front mesh door, then wooden door into house,

An opening window is fitted to the front of both houses' this has a removable mesh panel fitted to stop cats escaping,


*Safety porch can be fitted; these are 3ft wide by 4 or 6ft deep,


*Stay well cat flaps fitted,


*Shelving fitted in house as standard,


*plastic lining and insulated with rubber floor cat be fitted,

prices start at £135.00 per pen,



*Can be made from ex 22mm Log Lap wood, 

Quantity: Options:

Multi Block cat 1

Multi Block cat 2

Multi Block 3

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